This is the non-surgical vaginal treatment that could change your sex life

What exactly is Vaginal Laxity treatment?
"Quite simply put, it's a treatment that makes women feel better by plumping the tissue in the vaginal opening. Just like skin, vaginal tissue relies on collagen for its support. With the normal ageing process or physical stresses from child-bearing, the tissue can become overstretched and weakened. The result is very commonly a feeling of vaginal looseness called laxity, the side-effects of which can be a loss of sensation during intercourse, inability to orgasm or fewer orgasms and even urinary incontinence."


Boost YOUR sex life in just 30 minutes: With a new collagen treatment tested by this very brave mother-of-five

Within two hours of having given birth to my fifth child, feeling stunned and exhausted, a midwife popped her head around the curtains surrounding my bed to remind me perkily that I really should start working on my pelvic floor.

At that point I barely knew I still had a pelvic floor, let alone felt able to exercise it.

But her words returned to me a few days later, when I realised it was time to start those special exercises, called Kegels, which prevent stress incontinence and yes, increase sexual pleasure. Because I cannot pretend that having not simply one or two, but five children, hasn’t changed my body. And just as I’d love the skin on my face to look and feel like it did when I was 19, I’d also love the inside of my body to feel like it did before the ravages of carrying and giving birth.


Extreme beauty: What are radio frequency vaginal treatments?

It's not about appearance
This year we've talked about surgically enhanced back dimples, nipple reduction and non-invasive 'nose lifters', but while these controversial procedures are aesthetically-driven, the latest trend for radio frequency treatments down below is more about enhancing sensation.

Vaginal laxity (that's looseness, in layman's terms) is a common subsequence of childbirth and its side effects include a loss of feeling during intercourse. We asked Dr Sabika Karim, who specialises in cosmetic medicine and minimally invasive treatments for the face and body, about what her nonsurgical vaginal tightening treatment 'Geneveve' promises – and what it delivers.