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Urologists have the responsibilities of diagnosing, treating and preventing problems with the urinary system in human as well as men's reproductive system. Coconut Creek, FL has a large number of skilled urologists who are capable of diagnosing and treating all urology conditions.

During a visit to the urologist, the urologist will ask for a urine specimen, so it is essential not to void urine before the appointment. Meanwhile, some urological conditions may prevent an individual from being able to hold urine for an extended period; the doctor will be able to determine this during the visit. A physical examination would be performed by the urologist, and much attention would be paid to the genitourinary system with a due evaluation of other systems. Also, a genital examination coupled with digital rectal exam would be carried out for proper assessment of the prostate gland in males.

What follows immediately is a treatment plan, which would be discussed by the urologist in a bid to control and manage the condition. Tests such as blood counts, renal function tests or prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test and determination of testosterone levels may be carried out. Imaging studies may be requested such as the sonography of the kidneys, the bladder or the prostate to visualize these organs. Some Urologists in Coconut Creek, Florida are certified by the American Board of Urology, and this certification defines urologists as practitioners who are competent enough to dutifully manage disorders of the genitourinary system and the adrenal gland. These specialists are skilled in all surgical techniques that attend to specific reproductive and urinary systems and the structures that concern them.

In Coconut Creek, FL, some urologists specialize in penile implants (a treatment option for men that have erectile dysfunction (ED)).

Urological conditions can be unpalatable to deal with, but urologists, a large number of them with adequate training and experience in Coconut Creek, FL can make efforts to relieve the patients and give the patients a chance at a healthy life.